On Friendship

Hello darlings, how are you all? I'm enjoying some relaxing and social days at home before heading to London again on Thursday. I'm seeing friends, drinking coffee and wine, hanging out with my family and taking good long walks around town with my camera. I'm having a lovely time. I know I keep talking about … Continue reading On Friendship


Supporting Myself

Yesterday and today I've had a bit of a challenge to overcome. I've needed to tap into some feelings which aren't easily available to me in order to make this blog post happen, I've needed to go against my bad instincts: pat myself on the shoulder, smile in spite of myself, and think supportive and … Continue reading Supporting Myself

A Reminder

Hi everyone, how is it all going? I'm back home in Bergen, Norway now, the city I grew up in. It's lovely being back and seeing my family, and I'll be catching up with friends over the next few days too, which will be so nice, it feels like I've been away for ages (really … Continue reading A Reminder