Under Section: Prologue

So, as I mentioned in my last post (which I published like three seconds ago (I'm away for ages and then I publish two posts in one go, what am I like!)), I might want to self-publish my memoir from my time in hospital last year, and I thought that I would start with putting … Continue reading Under Section: Prologue


A Small Struggle

Hello everyone, long time no see! I've been away from the blog, because I made another blog, one which isn't under a pseudonym, and I thought I would leave this one behind, but today I missed this space and I thought, why not just keep both blogs? Since last time I've started my new job … Continue reading A Small Struggle

In One Year

Hi you! How is it all going? I'm enjoying my last week of sick leave, before returning to the workforce after almost a year away on Monday. It's funny that it's happening right now, because this last weekend also happened to be the one year 'anniversary' of when things went all wrong for me. When … Continue reading In One Year


Hello my dears, how are you all? I am sat at yet another airport, this time travelling for, I hope, the last time in a while. I'm going to the town me and my mum have recently moved to, Alvdal, and this time I think I'll stay put there for quite some time. Things have … Continue reading Frazzled

A Reminder

Hi everyone, how is it all going? I'm back home in Bergen, Norway now, the city I grew up in. It's lovely being back and seeing my family, and I'll be catching up with friends over the next few days too, which will be so nice, it feels like I've been away for ages (really … Continue reading A Reminder

A Castle Getaway

Hello all! So I am sat at the Berlin airport after a great weekend in the German countryside, where we stayed in Schloss ShΓΆnow, a gorgeous, if slightly (very) run down, castle. I had the most wonderful time there, we were ten people staying and we had a party on Saturday and a Sunday brunch … Continue reading A Castle Getaway